Moss on the Roof: Things You Need to Know

Moss on certain areas can provide an environment a touch of fairytale charm, as this is how movies portray fairy tale environments. However, fiction is far too different from what is experienced in reality. For instance, moss on your garden can mean competition of nutrients that may harm your plants and trees. Moreover, moss on your roof can mean damage and other serious roofing problems. This is where roof moss removal Surrey BC is recommended to maintain the roof’s good condition. 

How Can Moss Affect Your Roof? 


When moss is present and clearly visible on the roof, it does not entail complete roof renovation. However, if left unattended, moss can cause harm to your roofing materials as it can deteriorate the shingles due to its moisture and dampness.  


Moss grows in an environment that has high moisture content and less sun exposure due to tree shades. This condition provides a cooler environment that is ideal for moss growth as well as molds and algae. They grow typically in areas that experience rainy and/or winter season. To reiterate, moss growth and presence on your roof, similar to algae and molds, are not an indication of sustained damage. However, if left unchecked, it might accumulate more moisture that damages the roof and the shingles.  


Things to Do to Remove Moss 


There are two ways on how to remove moss: the first and the most recommended is to hire a professional roof cleaning services as they are equipped with the materials and experience on removing moss, algae, and molds from the roof; and second is to remove it on your own.  


if you chose the latter, we recommend that you avoid using a pressure washer as this equipment needs a professional skill in order to use it properly. Inappropriate usage of this equipment may cause damage to your roof and accidents on your loved ones and yourself. Instead, you may opt for a mixture of bleach and eater at a 1:1 ratio to effectively kills the moss. All you need to do is to pour or spray the mixture on the moss and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with low water pressure. The bleach may turn the moss yellow and white due to its chemical content. This means that the moss has died and loosened from the roof. This makes it easier to remove. You may scrub and/or brush the dirt remaining on where the moss has grown.  


Call an Expert 

We provided the ways on how to remove moss on your roof through the simplest method a homeowner can do. However, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to remove the moss from your roof. Professional services have the necessary experience as well as tools to effectively remove the moss with safety procedures. Furthermore, homeowners cleaning the roof has been linked to several cases of accidents.  


When hiring a professional service, it is also important to hire a reputable company that provides high-quality service at an affordable price.  

Facts about Healthy Root System

For a healthy tree, it’s essential to have a healthy root system. Root store and transport minerals and waters, and securely anchor the tree to the ground. Because of that, property owners need to guarantee that roots of their trees are in great condition. However, how do you know if your tree’s root system is healthy? 

  • A healthy root system will have: 
  • Light or white coloration below the root bark 
  • Sufficient space among trees so that they won’t fight for nutrients.  
  • Enough room to expand 

Roots could be harmed by competing for root diseases and root systems. If your trees have root diseases, which are a lot more challenging to diagnose, it can hinder the ability of the root system to give structural support, retain minerals, and ability to absorb water.  

Diseased or damaged roots cause the symptoms in the tree below: 

  • An obvious flat portion of the trunk due to girdling root.  
  • The gradual death of branches, beginning at the tip and working inwards—also identified as branch dieback.  
  • Apparently slowed development in the tree 
  • Fungi like conks or mushroom develop at the base of the tree 
  • Yellow and small leaves with chlorosis. Meaning, the leaves are creating inadequate chlorophyll because of a nutrition deficiency. 

To determine your diagnosis, it’s important to hire an expert arborist and have a root sample of your tree excavated to be directly assessed. Brown coloration below the root bark means a dead or diseased root. As previously mentioned, healthy roots commonly are light or whit-colored.  

When a root disease takes place, it could be extremely hard to remove it and save the tree. The best way to handle root damage or diseases is prevention. 

Below are some of the care tips for your roots: 

  • When you want to plant several trees, think about how their root system might impact one another.  Usually, the root system will be 2-4 times the diameter of the crown of a tree. Make sure to prevent overlapping.  
  • You need to select high-quality trees and stop buying “pot bound” trees. 
  • Do not plant your tree close to concrete as much as possible. Though roots can be flexible to an urban landscape, they could harm your pavement while they develop.  
  • Research how to properly plant a tree section.  
  • Research about the spacing guide that’s perfect for specific plants so that you’ll know how typical trees like pines, oaks, and dogwoods, for instance, must be planted near to each other.  
  • If you think you are not confident when it comes to spacing your trees, make sure to aim for optimal root development. You can only do this by hiring and consulting an expert arborist before you plant any type of specie in your lawn or background.  

Contact the professional arborist 

If you want to give your trees the best services as much as possible, make sure to contact us. You can avail of our different tree services right away like tree trimming, tree removal Perth, and many more! Call us now! 

Should You Replace or Repair Your Damaged Vinyl Siding?

The siding, which covers your home exterior, is the one that keeps it protected from the elements while making your house appear beautiful at the same time. However, your vinyl siding can become damaged over time. Now that winter is over, and although we still might have a couple of cold days to survive, it is the ideal time to check your siding. Read on to determine and learn whether any damage requires to be replaced or just be repaired.

Structural damage

Old buildings tend to settle sooner or later. Meaning, when your house is already older, it can possibly be damaged because of the setting. This makes buckling or bulges in your siding. Think about consulting with a structural engineer to examine the severity of the damage and then reach out to an expert to fix the damaged siding.

Insect damage

Though this rarely happens, insects can live under the sidings of your home. When your wood is rotting, termites will particularly use the area to thrive. Maintaining your siding regularly allows you to inspect for signs of termites, including getting a screwdriver and slowly pushing the tip against your siding. When the tip of your screwdriver shoves into the siding effortlessly, there’s a possibility that you have termites. Having an expert checkup can help identify when you must change your siding after you eliminated the infesting insects if necessary.

Grill or other heat sources

If summertime has already come, perhaps you are doing more barbecue and grilling session on your property. But, are you aware that heat can actually harm your vinyl siding? The heat that comes from your grill can just melt your siding material. Thus, it’s essential to inspect your siding at the end of the summer. Sometimes, a melted siding is caused by the UV rays from the high-efficiency windows if your neighbors. When you have melted sidings, it would be highly recommended to change the affected siding boards.

Water damage

As soon as you can see black, white, or gray spots on your vinyl siding, it can be an indicator of mildew and mold caused by water damage. If this is your case, call an expert right away. A siding contractor can help power wash your siding to remove and blast away the mildew and mold buildup.

Vinyl siding damage

You have observed that your siding contracts and expands if it begins to cackle because of the fluctuating temperature. Because of this, it’s vital that your siding contractor attached the siding to the fasteners not too tightly. When you can move the panels horizontally nearly half or more than an inch, you can tell that the siding was correctly installed. If you think otherwise, it would be great if you reach out to siding contractors Kenosha WI or a vinyl technician for side repair.

If you have visible vinyl damage, it will just get worse when it’s not replaced or repaired immediately. In this case, contact us for professional siding assistance today.

Summer Tips for Your Beloved Cars

We feel very hot and comfortable when the sun shines very bright outside the house and we want to stay in a place where we can relax and make sure that we are going to feel the cooler air so that we could stop our mind from very stressful situation. So, you will be doing a lot of things in order to keep yourself better and avoid direct contact to the sun or else you will feel the burning sensation on your skin and some people would have the sunburn after due to the excessive sunlight that they can get during the day time. For others, who are having a nice car, this is the perfect time for them to do some projects like the car detailer in Arlington Texas that they can find so that it can give a perfect and nice makeover to their vehicles and improve the physical appearance of it.  

You need to know by now that the cars are feeling that way, too when the weather is too hot and this could cause a lot of problems to your car leaving them under the very hot sun outside and letting them to stay there for many hours. Others would not notice this one in the first few times but after a couple of months, you could clearly see and be able to notice some differences and this could be very hard to understand at first but this is not going to be a good sign. Even professional people in this industry would not advice the car owners to do this one as it can affect the performance of the vehicle and even the physical features of the car which can ruin the window and the paint of it.  

Don’t forget to get a good checkup of your car’s battery as it will tell everything and you don’t want to have a problem when you are using the car and then suddenly it will stop because of the battery problem. You need to know that the life span of the battery will always depend to the condition of the weather as the hotter the days the faster for it to drain the battery and this can affect the performance of your car. You can search online of the things that you can do if you could not avoid parking your car under the sun but as much as possible you should consider to park your car in a cool place like under the tree or when you have your own garage area at home for them.  

It is common now in many car stores to buy the protection for your car like the shade which you can use to cover the windows and it helps to reflect back the heat instead of absorbing it inside the car. It is not always about the engine but it could also be about the tire of the car and the different parts that you are not always paying attention with.  

Things to Do Before Renting a Dumpster

If you are planning to start a renovation project in your home or even in your business establishment, what you need to do is to rent a dumpster. The reason behind this is that certainly and inevitable, the workers of the project will produce waste materials from the renovated home or office. Because there are existing laws and regulations about waste disposal, you could not just conveniently dispose these wastes anywhere. Thus, if you are planning to have a construction project, no matter how big or small, you need to make sure that you rent a dumpster.  

HD wallpaper: Trash dumped at roadside, city, environment, garbage ...

However, if you are complacent and just choose a random dumpster rental, problems may arise. This is entirely the reason why you need to rent a dumpster from a reputable company that you could trust and has the kind of service that is unwavering and uncompromising such as that of Dumpster Rental Terre Haute IN. If you are doing it for the first time and don’t know the basics of hiring such, here are some things that you need to remember to hire the best dumpster rental company near you: 

  1. Size, Among All Things, Matters 

One of the most important things that you should consider before hiring a dumpster is the size. You need to estimate, if not precisely measure the size that the pile of waste that you are going to dispose. The reason behind this is that you need to make sure that you know how big the space that you need in order to dispose waste materials. By doing such, you get to choose the size of the dumpster that you will rent.  

  1. Assess Your Waste 

Another important thing that you need to do is to assess what specific waste materials you are going to dispose. There are a lot of dumpster rental companies which do not allow mixed wastes. Another factor is the weight of the waste that you are going to dispose. Some companies may limit the weight on the wastes that you are going to throw away. This is entirely the reason why it is important for you to assess these waste materials that you are going to get rid of so that the dumpster rental company will be notified of such information.  

  1. Negotiate 

Most importantly, you need to know how to negotiate properly with the company that you will hire a dumpster from. You need to make sure that you know their policies and regulations in order for you to know where to place yourself in the plethora of these rules. More importantly, you need to ensure that you know how much the cost of dumpster rental is as well as the duration of until when you could store your wastes in these rental services. As owner, it is your responsibility to do these things in order to avoid potential penalties or jail time, especially when you don’t comply to laws regarding waste disposal. 

Renting a dumpster could be a big help, especially when you don’t know where to dispose the waste produced from a construction project within your home or business establishment.